Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tighty Whitey Car Wash

Peter Rex, Mr. Steamworks 2007, (pictured above in front of the poster) has put together a fundraiser to benefit the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. The event is a tighty whitey car wash, which should be a sudsy sexy good time! Hot guys like Peter in nothing but their briefs splashing and frolicking for a good cause. Peter, who has been photographed by Tom Bianchi, is getting Calvin Klein to donate the briefs and t-shirts, which will be printed up for the participants. I provided the image for the event's poster as well as donated a special full size limited edition print of "Red, Wet & Blue" to be framed and raffled off. So if you're in the Toronto area July 8th, and your car is dirty or you are just looking for some good clean fun and want to lend your support, stop by!

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CaseyJ said...

If these guys are going to get as wet and soapy as I believe they are, They can ALL soap me up and wash me ANY time they want, As many times as they want, for as long as they want. After all, the directions say: Wash (or Lather), Rinse, Repeat.