Thursday, June 28, 2007

Getting Ready for P-Town

Well tomorrow's the reception for my art exhibit, "Summer Moved On" at Little Gorgeous Things in Provincetown. I am pretty excited about it and from what I hear it's already going well. The works were hung a couple days ago. I am also pleased to hear that some of you will be in town this week end and I'll get to meet you.

So today I am getting ready for the trip, which has also become a 3-day vacation for Edward and I. Right now I am getting my stuff together (beach towel, sunblock, camera etc.) and trying on and deciding what clothes to bring. Here I am in my Aussiebum's. I ordered a new one for this summer but it unfortunately it hasn't arrived yet.


Jessica said...

I jealous of y'all in Ptown this weekend. I hope you have a blast and that your exhibit is a success!

Michael Breyette said...

Hey Jessica,

Yep we had a great time! The reception went well and the exhibit is doing good. It's up until July 11th.