Wednesday, November 13, 2013

on the drawing board:

While I paint muscular fit guys, I don't usually do ones that are really 'jacked'.  I did more physiques like this back when I used to do sci-fi and fantasy style pieces.  Anyway, since for many guys especially gay guys gym and working out is a big part of life.  And though I've done a few locker room themed paintings, until now I haven't really done one specifically about working out.

Friday, November 01, 2013

New Original & Print: "Bathed In Love"

Many people think of a bath simply as a waste of time and water when compared to the efficiency of a shower. But any bather will tell you, a soak in the tub isn't really about washing up. It's more about well being than hygiene. Throughout history the act of bathing has been ritualistic and very often a social activity. Sharing a bath with a special someone gives you time together without distractions (leave the tablet and smart phone in the other room) and it forces you into self exposure, vulnerability and intimacy. Sure, it may lead to other activities, but you can always take a shower after. 

My latest piece is also the first work in my upcoming exhibit (more on that below). While the original is available now for purchase through Lyman-Eyer, it must remain with the gallery until after my 2014 Summer show. 

Limited edition Gallery and Studio prints are available for purchase here at BREYETTE.COM.