Friday, June 15, 2007

Justice & Equality Triumphs in Massachusetts

BOSTON - Massachusetts lawmakers blocked a proposed constitutional amendment Thursday that would have let voters decide whether to ban gay marriage in the only state that allows it.

"In Massachusetts today, the freedom to marry is secure," said a victorious Gov. Deval Patrick, who had lobbied lawmakers up until the final hours Thursday to kill the measure.

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Bigots like Former Gov. Mitt "Hypocrit" Romney, who pushed for the amendment, were justly handed defeat in their anti-American attempt to usurp the founding principals of the U.S., freedom and liberty. Even in a democracy the populous should not decide the rights of others. That's why we have a representative democracy, to ensure that the rights of ALL not just the majority are protected. The defeat of this bill is a victory for all minorities who's rights should not be denied because they might not have the votes in a general election. Legislatures pass numerous laws without putting it on a ballot, that's their job.

As tax-paying Americans we should not be denied the rights granted to others because we are (born) gay or a minority.

Good job Boston!

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