Saturday, June 02, 2007

Art of the Month - June

For June I am featuring "Jackson" as my Art of The Month.

My friend Andrea recently bought and moved into a new home. It's a duplex and her neighbor in the other half rents from that side's owner. Apparently Andrea, who is certainly not coy or shy gets quite flustered whenever she encounters her often shirtless neighbor, Caleb. According to her, he is 'GORGEOUS!' and looks exactly like my painting "Jackson", which she has a copy of. I've not yet seen him, so I am very curious and a bit skeptical. Though even straight male friends who've seen him say he is one handsome man. We'll see...

As the Art of The Month the magnet and all prints of "Jackson", including the 8.5" x 11" Portfolio print, 13" x 19" Studio Print, and the 18½" x 23" full size Gallery prints, are 15% off at Studio1088.

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