Friday, August 31, 2007

Is Romney a Big 'Mo?

...and that's not Mo' as in Mormon, I mean 'Mo as in homo. It seems the hypocrite former Gov' of Massachusetts renewed his call for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in response to what happened in Iowa today. For a few short hours it was legal in the Hawkeye State for all couples to wed, until the judge who deemed the Iowa ban on same-sex unions unconstitutional put a stay on his decision.

Mitt Romney's behavior is very similar to that of Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Craig had a virtually 100% anti-gay record in the Senate, consistently voting against gay marriage, civil unions, and hate crime penalties for crimes against homosexuals. Other behavior of Senator Craig included "lewd conduct" in the men's room of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Psychologist say this extreme contradictory behavior is indicative of what some people go through to hide their real self from a hostile society.

Mitt's anti-gay zeal is obviously hiding something. He hasn't yet been caught with his pants down, but since he is apparently demonstrating his fellatio technique (above), it's just a matter of time.

On The Drawing Board: Angular Features

It often takes a little while to decide upon and develop my next piece, and while that's a very important part of the process, I am much happier when I have something actually on my easel. So I am happy to say that I've already started the pastel work on a new one.

It would be great if while I was working with pastels on one I could be conjuring and composing my next project. I sometimes try, but focusing on one piece at a time is the best angle for me. If I start thinking about the next thing, it will steal the thunder from my current work and I'll not want to finish it and instead put all my attention on the new one.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Starting Point

I've gotten attuned to looking at nearly everything as painting potential, and have tried to get in the habit of bringing my camera along to capture possible settings for future works. This summer while in Provincetown for a few days I took this photo of the bathroom at the B&B we stayed at. It wasn't stunning or spectacular, but it had a nice charm and a layout that I saw some potential in. At the time I didn't know how or if I would ever use this in one of my pastel paintings but here it is several months later, the starting point of my next piece.

WeHo/LA Erotic Art Fair

The 13th Annual Erotic Art Fair Weekend, presented by the Tom of Finland Foundation is quickly approaching. This years festival has been moved up by a few weeks from the traditional mid October date and will be held September 21-23. It's also in a new location, the West Hollywood Auditorium.

While I won't be attending, it's logistically too difficult to transport myself and my stuff out to LA , I have in the past participated in the east coast version held in NYC in the spring. This years NYC Erotic Art Fair was cancelled. Hopefully it will be back in '08. The Erotic Art Fair's are great opportunities to meet your favorite artists and discover new talents. Along with artist's displays the festival includes several other events. Get more details on the Tom of Finland Foundation's website.

Studio Magazines feeling 'Blue'

Studio Magazines, the parent publisher of Blue+, Australia's leading gay men's magazine and the world's top photography journal for connoisseurs of the male form, has been forced to call in administrators to assist in its financial burden to creditors. However on August 24, B&T reported creditors of the struggling publishing company, had agreed to allow it to continue trading, giving full control back to its director Marcello Grand. The company also publishes Blue Books, Black+White, Masters of Cuisine and several others.

Having had the good fortune to have my work featured a couple times in Blue, I am familiar with the high class quality of the magazine which is much more than a porn publication, it's a monthy catalog of beautiful men and interesting articles. I definitely would hate to see a them have to close up shop.

Monday, August 27, 2007

"Night on the Town"

The dashing duo get all dressed up for a night on the town, perhaps a gala, a charity ball, or their own anniversary. An evening filled with laughter, dancing. Throughout there will be little whispers to each other, a nuzzle, a caress of the hand, a squeeze of the knee, building up until they finally have to bid farewell to friends and guests and return to their quiet sanctuary for a private celebration for two.

"Night on the Town" is available as:
  • Gallery Prints (on 24" x 28") signed & numbered limited edition.
  • Studio prints (on 13" x 19") signed & numbered limited edition.
  • Portfolio prints (on 8.5" x 11") open edition.
[Click to order]

During the 'Day of Issue Sale' they are 20% off.
Sale ends around midnight Midnight (EDT) August 28, 2007.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Poll: Your Personal Sex-Capades

Most of us have gotten wild and done things some people would qualify as dispicable or 'trampy'. I am more of the mind, that what ever consenting adults do and no one gets hurt isn't bad or immoral. So what boundaries have you pushed? The poll is in the sidebar.

Last weeks results:

Where did you meet your most recent significant other?

1. Online (chat room/hook up/dating site) (25%)
Through friends (25%)
3. Club/Bar (14%)
Other public place (store/street/park etc.) (14%)
5. On a vacation (7%)
At work or through job interaction (7%)
6. Other (3%)
7. Blind date (0%)

Ahhhhh, the internet. It's really impacted gay culture. Before it, a lot guys felt very isolated, and trying to meet other gay folk was difficult and even dangerous. Today with countless websites, chat rooms etc. it's pretty easy to find someone to connect with.

My Work & Playlist - Top 10 for August 24, 2007

  1. "Analogue" - A-Ha @
  2. "Heaven" - Bitter:Sweet
  3. "Show Me Love" - Ace of Base
  4. "Get This Party Started" - Dame Shirley Bassey
  5. "Proud (Josh Harris Pride ReMix)" - Heather Small
  6. "Rain Down Love" - Freemasons ft. Siedah Garrett
  7. "Go Away" - Royksopp
  8. "Rehab" - Amy Winehouse
  9. "Lovestoned / I Think She Knows" - Justin Timberlake
  10. "Moving Too Fast" - Supafly Inc.
Green denotes new top 10 entry.
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Friday, August 24, 2007

"Dark Road" - Annie Lennox

First release from Annie's forthcoming album "Songs of Mass Destruction" due out in October.

Stop the FOX

FOX (FAKE) News is at it again. They are pounding the drums for war in Iran, promoting the Bush agenda for an endless war in the Middle East. Instead of reporting facts and truth they simply act as a mouth piece for the Bush administration, incessantly repeating words of fear to 'terrorize' the public, just as they did to gain support for pre-emptively attacking Iraq.

"My station was intimidated by the administration and its foot soldiers at FOX News."

That is CNN's Christiane Amanpour explaining why the major television networks failed to properly scrutinize the Bush administration's claims before the Iraq war. Instead, they joined FOX in broadcasting the Bush administration's pro-war (war-profit) propaganda without a response.

To let the other networks know you want truth and facts and not White House lies*, click here.

* It's not very likely Iran would be helping Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is a Sunni group and Iran is a Shia led country. Shias and Sunnis don't get along. In fact they are fighting each other in Iraq's civil war.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Some Wine

I've been busy, so I have another in progress pic to post. Also, since this is a commission the clients have been following along. Posting them here is an quick way for them to see how it's coming. I really like it myself.

The customer wanted the wine bottle to indicate a 'celebration' of some sort to go along with the tuxes, and for it to be red wine. So when it came to the label I decided to tie it in with another piece of mine, "Red Truck". That pastel painting was inspired by the Red Truck wine bottle label. So I tried to render it as best I could, without making it too obvious or too much like an ad for the wine. Red Truck is a California wine, and since this couple is in San Francisco it seemed a good fit.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Tale of 2 Cities

I had planned on putting a night cityscape outside the windows, though had not really given it any specific thought. So, I asked the client if he had any preferences. He said he is fond of Seattle and San Francisco. I was planning on going with Seattle. Then for some reason opted for S.F. The pic I found to guide me with the background lined up well enough (an inch or so of artistic license used) to show the TransAmerica building, the bridge and I believe that is the Coit Tower in front of it. Anyone know for sure?

"Wonder of it All" - Kristine W

I luuuuv Kristine W!

Apollo Male Models Interview

A couple months ago I got interviewed for the Miami based magazine Apollo Male Models. The article is in the August issue which features cover guy John Castroman. It's a nice full color magazine filled with pics and interviews with male fashion models.

Monday, August 20, 2007

These ain't your grandma's 'stories'

"As The World Turns"

Honestly, I haven't watched a soap opera, excuse me, 'daytime drama' in years. Though I certainly did enjoy the often shirtless hunky actors, I don't recall anything like this!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

On The Drawing Board: A handle on hands

After tackling faces, usually the thing I am most concerned about are hands. They are still something that I dread doing. They are so complex and detailed so it's hard to get a handle on them. Too much detail and they may look bony and old, not enough and they look like paws. Sometimes they are too 'claw' like. Plus they are intricate and hard to work on. One blend with my finger and I can turn a detailed finger into a hot dog.

Poll of the Week

This week I am asking, "Where did you meet your current or most recent love interest?" Answer the poll in the sidebar. (If they ever get it working again)

Last week the question was, "How long has your most enduring relationship lasted?" Granted the age of those replying would make some of the higher values less likely but it's still shows that quite of few people do make a lasting commitment, with 65% answering 1 to 15 years and even 19% with over 16 years together.

  1. 4-7 years (30%)
  2. 8-15 years (22%)
  3. 1 to 3 years (13%)
  4. Several months (11%) tied 16-25 years (11%)
  5. 26 or more (congrats!)(8%)
  6. A day or less (I'm a loner)(2%)

Listen While I Work: My Top 10 for August 17, 2007

According to a close friend, Amy "No rehab for me" Winehouse has admitted she is on the verge of contradicting her big hit in order to check into rehab. UK gossip rag The Sun, is reporting that Winehouse was rushed to London's University College Hospital after an apparent overdose, where she had her stomach pumped. The article also states Winehouse has admitted using marijuana and cocaine, and goes on to talk about her struggles with both bulimia and anorexia.

The singer has pulled out of this weekend's V Festival in England and cancelled all her touring commitments for August. Asked if newspaper reports of her drug abuse were true, she replied: "I wouldn't say so, no [no, no]."

  1. "Proud (Josh Harris Pride ReMix)" - Heather Small
  2. "Rain Down Love" - Freemasons ft. Siedah Garrett
  3. "Heaven" - Bitter:Sweet
  4. "Get This Party Started" - Dame Shirley Bassey
  5. "Show Me Love" - Ace of Base
  6. "Lovestoned / I Think She Knows" - Justin Timberlake
  7. "Analogue" - A-Ha [available at CD Universe]
  8. "Your Kisses are Wasted on Me" - The Pipettes
  9. "Rehab" Amy Winehouse
  10. "Go Away" - Royksopp
Green denotes new top 10 entry.
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Cute Couple

I always go through a phase at the beginning where it just doesn't seem to be working out and I consider starting over. It's usually when I am working on the faces. But I always keep at it, keep pushing forward, adding layers til things finally start looking right. It happens so often that I don't really get too panicked about it anymore. Now that I've gone through that stage with both faces I feel confident about the final outcome. There is still some tweaking to do with the faces but they both have a good foundation established.

Happy Birthday Madonna

"The Power of Good Bye"

Madonna turns 49 today. I first remember hearing Madonna back in February of '83 with the song "Everybody" on a Canadian dance music radio station. This was before "Borderline" and before "Holiday". Who would have guessed she'd go on to be one of the biggest pop icons in history.

Same-Sex Marriage Equality Down Under Gets Held Up

Australian opposition leader Kevin Rudd [the nelly looking queen pictured] will never consider same-sex marriage, but he will remove all other forms of discrimination if elected, he has stated.Hon. Kevin Rudd, Australia

"My position – the party’s position – is it is between a man and a woman," Rudd said when asked if he would ever consider gay marriage.

"All other forms of same-sex discrimination should be removed. When it comes to these forms of discrimination we've just got to get past it"

I wonder if politicians ever listen to themselves speak. Do they realize the stupidity that comes out of their own mouths. In the above sentence he admits same-sex marriage is a form of discrimination. Then says, 'we've just got to get past' the other forms of discrimination. WTF! Why can't he "just get past" marriage discrimination? Why don't politicians just say it without all the doublespeak, "I am against it because I'm a bigot". There isn't a single legitimate reason to deny gay couples the right to marry. Not one.

Australian Marriage Equality spokesman Peter Furness said, "Politicians will eventually have to follow public opinion. The majority of Australians support equal marriage rights."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Face value

My new project is a commission. It's been a long time in the works. Even though the customers were in no hurry, I am glad to finally be working on the actual pastel painting part of it. The development process took sometime. The clients had some basic ideas for the piece and a few specific requirements. I tried to incorporate them as best I could and offered up a few variations. I finally came up with a simple layout for the painting which I think best captures the essence of what they wanted. I hope it turns out to their liking.

The first face is starting to come together. Getting the faces right is usually my first goal. They carry the tone or the 'soul' of the whole illustration.

Webhosting company sucks!

Again my webhosting company EMC has screwed up something. Renewing my 'secure certificate' (which makes certain pages of my gallery shop website secure for order processing) today resulted in them messing something up so I am unable to take any orders. It should have been a simple procedure. Yet anytime they have to make ANY changes to my site, it ends up a disaster.

Hopefully they will quickly resolve the issue. Of course they won't apologize or even acknowledge they messed up, they never do.

Looks like it's up and running again!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Tighty Whitey Car Wash Event

Despite a rainy day, The Mr. Steamwoks 2007 Tighty Whitey Car Wash raised over $ 8,000 for The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation! If you would like to make a donation, please log onto

Peter Rex, Mr. Steamworks 2007, who organized it all wrote to let me know how it went:

Hi Michael!

The car wash was a huge success, even with the rain. We raised over $8000! Everyone had a really, really good time for a good cause. Haven't had a chance to properly advise everyone (yesterday was a really hard day). Best place to go to see photos is When you take a look at the photos you'll see what I mean. "Red, Wet & Blue" (a gallery print I donated) was part of a silent auction and was sold for $700. I really think it would have gone higher but for the rain. It kept people from getting over to the displays. Still, by having a silent auction, the overall amounts raised for the raffle and auction was increased. Once again, thank you very much for everything. Your poster was really really appreciated.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Blame it on Bette

I would have bet against it but Edward and I are headed to Vegas again next year. Each year his work gives him an alotment to attend any of numerous veterinary conferences across the country. The one we always end up at is the one held each February in Las Vegas. For the past three years in a row I've gone with him to the 5-6 day event. When the conference is over we've both had enough of Sin city, the gambling, the crowds, the prices. Each year we swear we won't go back. But for some reason we do.

This year it's Bette Midlers fault. Now, I'm not a fanatic, I think I only own 1 CD, but I think she is funny and outrageous. So when we heard she was going to be replacing Celine Dion (who we should have seen, just for the sheer over-the-top extravaganza of it all) at Ceasar's Palace in 2008, we had to go. Her brand new show, according to her website, "will be bigger than anything she's ever done...not that size matters." As it turns out Edward and I are not the only crazy ones as we ended buying 4 more show tickets for friends and co-workers who are going to the conference as well. Dare I expect this Las Vegas trip to be a lot of fun?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Poll Results: Marriage in less than 20

"Recién Casados" a.k.a "Just Married"

In response to last weeks poll, most of you are optimists, 81% believing that we will see some form of same-sex marriages across the 50 States by 2027.
  1. 10-20 years 53%
  2. 10 or less 28%
  3. 30-50 years 13%
  4. more than 50 years 4%
This weeks poll, dares to ask the question, "What has been your longest lasting 'serious' relationship? Now I'm not just talking friendships and such, I mean someone you'd define as your significant other.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Listen While I Work: My Top 10 for August 10, 2007

  1. "Get This Party Started" - Dame Shirley Bassey
  2. "Proud (Josh Harris Pride ReMix)" - Heather Small
  3. "Lovestoned / I Think She Knows" - Justin Timberlake
  4. "Rain Down Love" - Freemasons ft. Siedah Garrett
  5. "Heaven" - Bitter:Sweet
  6. "Your Kisses are Wasted on Me" - The Pipettes
  7. "One Wish" - Roxette
  8. "Show Me Love" - Ace of Base
  9. "Analogue" - A-Ha [@CD Universe]
  10. "Rehab" - Amy Winehouse

Green denotes new top 10 entry.
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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pull up for "Full Service"

Taking the back roads it is still possible to find a gas station that offers full service. On a hot summer day you pull up to the service island. Its 95 degrees in the shade, the young sweaty attendant is trying to keep his cool by licking on a Popsicle. You roll down the window; the icy a/c gives way as the hot heavy air billows in. "Fill it?" he asks with his glistening cherry flavored lips…

The original of "Full Service" (18" x 23.25") as well as 13" x 19" Limited Edition signed & numbered Studio prints are now available on my website. [Click to order]

During the 'Day of Issue Sale' they are 20% off.
Sale ends around midnight Midnight (EDT) August 10, 2007.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"Summer Moved On" Promo Video

Since the book came out I've had emails asking what works are included in "Summer Moved On". I also have been wanting to make a promo for the book so I finally figured out how to put together this video, which showcases many of them, but not all. The frontal nudity has been cropped out for posting on YouTube, but the complete works appear in the book. Hope you guys like it. If you have your own blog, feel free to post it.


Congress of Sheep

This weekend the US Congress relinquished more rights to the President, allowing him to spy on whomever he wants without obtaining a warrant, without needing to provide probable cause, virtually unchecked. Bush, who is void of human compassion, again played the 'terrorist' card as he has done his entire presidency to get what he wants, to dismantle the U.S. Constitution, to pump up corporate war profits and elevate himself to dictator and Congress rolled over yet again and played dead.

To all the Representatives and Senators who won last November, elected by a populace who have realized the folly of the Iraq war, the erosion of American rights and principals, and the utter corruption of the Bush regime, don't expect a second term.

"The solution to terrorism is not dictatorship."

Monday, August 06, 2007

Poll Results & New Poll

A couple weeks ago the poll asked "in which of these places have you had sex?" I was a little suprised by the results. I wonder if your parents know what's going on under their roof while they are out? And 32% said you've done it in a car in heavy traffic!? Hmm... wonder if they have a breathalizer test for that? Here are the results.

  1. At parents or relatives house when they were home (54%)
  2. In a public park or alley (52%)
  3. In a public restroom (47%)
  4. On a beach during the day (41%)
  5. At my workplace (41%)
  6. In a car in heavy traffic (32%)
  7. On camera (23%)
  8. In a bar or club (not the restroom) (19%)
  9. At my gym (15%)
  10. In a taxi, subway train or bus (10%)
  11. On a plane (8%)
Now that I'm back from vacation and the 'poll' feature seems to be working again...this weeks poll asks "When do you think same-sex marriage or civil unions will be recognized across the U.S.?" Now 10 years ago I wouldn't have thought that even one state would recognize same sex marriages, but one does and a handful more have some sort of civil union legislation in place. On the other hand, dozens of states have passed 'bigot laws' defining marriage as between a man and a woman, very similar to previous laws that forbid marriage between couples of different races. Also the sociopathic moron in the White House has stacked the supreme court with pre-Renaissance thinking judges that have more compassion for corporations than people. That balance might not shift back to progressive thinkers for quite some time.

The poll is in the side bar.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Highlights

Perhaps not that noticeable but something had been bugging me on this picture. I realized that even though I had the figure in the shade, the objects behind him were in partial sunlight. In order to make him connect better with the background I added just a touch of light hitting the top of the head. The change really helped me feel 'happy' with how the picture was looking. I think the affect is more obvious looking at the whole picture....which I'll post once I'm finished. Hopefully that will be soon!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Bat Invasion! - Friday Night

So this evening I get a call from my friend Mark, who helps me out with my website and ordering etc. and who lives above me with 2 roommates. He's telling me, "Mike, I have a bat in my apartment". At first I don't believe him, but sure enough a creepy little bat is on his kitchen wall. So we are all a little freaked out. I call Edward, my partner who is at his place and who is a veterinarian. He warns us about rabies and suggests we call animal control. Of course they are closed until Monday. A website suggests we capture it and have it tested especially if a pet has been exposed, of course Mark's cat, Elsie, had a hold of it at one point.

The website also gave instruction on how to catch it. Use a coffee can to place over the bat, then slide a piece of cardboard under then just tape the card board over the can. Well sounds easy, except if you're 4 gay men creeped out just by the sight of a bat. None of us even wanted to get that close to it for fear it would spring to life, start flapping around and get in our hair and give us rabies! Fortunately we're all fairly comfortable with each other so we didn't have the added concern of being seen running and screaming out of the kitchen like a 6 year old girl.

Since it was in an awkward spot, high up where the wall meets the ceiling we decided to forgo trying to capture and just get it to leave. We opened the windows and Mark's roommate Andy, looking like a domestic gladiator with the broom in one hand and pot lid for a shield in the other, was brave enough to open the backdoor which is under where the bat was (probably sleeping). We tried tossing empty plastic soda bottles at it. Apparently we throw in a manner consistent with how we run and scream, like 6 year old girls. Actually it's hard to get any distance or have much control with an empty plastic bottle. Needless to say the bat stayed put.

Next up, Mark's other roommate, Gene attacks with the fire extinguisher. Let me tell you, the stuff that comes out seems toxic with it's nasal searing fumes but only seems to piss off bats. Now the room is filled with a cloud of toxic white, a flying angry bat, and four choking, bat-dodging homosexuals. Add to the scene the fact that it's 10 at night and a lightening storm is raging outside. Despite the turbulence we manage to retreat to the living room, which thankfully has a door between it and the kitchen.

After a moment we peak in and see no sign of the beast. Mark and I venture cautiously in, armed with brooms and mops. No sign. It must have flown out the window. A little more looking around. No bat. Sigh. As we begin to close the windows, a voice, oddly calm, from the the living room, Gene's, "It's still in here..." What? We first think he's kidding. We're in the kitchen and have not seen it. "It's still in here," he repeats, "in the kitchen." As we retreat once again to the living room, Mark and I finally see it again. Yes, it's right there in the kitchen flying around." We shut the door. I go around to the back porch which has the door that looks into the kitchen and see it larger than life, flying back and forth. However the entire kitchen is not visible. The open windows are not visible. Once the bat stops flying back and forth we assume it may have flown out. We all venture back in again, with more caution this time. Again no sign of the bat. It must have flown out. We look all around. It's not there....then...Mark spots it. It is perched on the molding over the pantry door, it's brown and black coloring blending in very well with the wood grain.

Plan C. I had brought up my recycle bin. It's time to kick some bat ass! Mustering up some courage I move in. Nervously, knowing one false move will unleash bat-carnage, I place the bin over the bat and slide it up off the molding so it's against the flat wall. We have containment! But being only 5' 8" it's a bit of a reach for me, and I can't hold it flat against the wall for much longer. Mark takes over holding the bin while I get up on a stool. Now I slide the bin over and down the wall to a more optimal position. Andy slides a large scrap piece of mat board I had (being an artist pays off again!) under the bin and carefully transfers the bin, bat and all, to the floor, where I get busy taping the cardboard onto the bin. Secure in it's cage it is moved to the back porch where it will remain until turned over to animal control on Monday. It's still a mystery as to how the bat got in in the first place.

Ah...just another Friday night!

Listen While I Work: My Top 10 for August 03, 2007

  1. "Get This Party Started" - Dame Shirley Bassey
  2. "Lovestoned / I Think She Knows" - Justin Timberlake
  3. "Proud (Josh Harris Pride ReMix)" - Heather Small
  4. "One Wish" - Roxette
  5. "Sunday Girl (Riffs & Rays Club Edit)" - Erasure
  6. "Your Kisses are Wasted on Me" - The Pipettes
  7. "Rain Down Love" - Freemasons ft. Siedah Garrett
  8. "Lovelight" - Robbie Williams
  9. "Show Me Love" - Ace of Base
  10. "Love Today" - Mika
Green denotes new top 10 entry.
Song links will take you to the iTunes listing if you have iTunes on your computer

Erotic Signature art book is released

I just recieved my complimentary (for being included) collector's edition of "World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today - Vol. I" . I am happy to finally see the completed book. It has been a long time coming. Being the first of it's kind by Erotic Signature explains the numerous delays. The book is the result of a juried competition for erotic artists. It's softbound, 8.5" x 11", 255 pages. The Collector's Editions are numbered upto 1000.

The book is divided into 4 categories: Fine Art, Photography, Digital Art, and Sculpture. The subject matter is varied covering everything in the erotic genre, heterosexual to homosexual. With a wide selection of artists there is a wide range of interpretations too, everything from whimsical to 'brutal'. Browsing through the book and seeing the great works and tremendous variety is inspiring. The one little thing I find a tad disappointing about the Erotic Signature project, were the choice of 'winners' in each category. Sure you might think I am resentful because I didn't win in my category but I am not along in my feelings as artist Marc DeBauch had the same take on the jury's winning choices, which is they are rather 'safe' or cliché in theme. Yes, they are well done works, but the choices did not seem very adventurous. They are all heterosexual in nature, the grand prize winner is a 'Betty Page'-esque all-girl strip poker game photograph. Other winners included a mermaid and a latex/leather clad 'cat-woman'. Luckily that really has no bearing on the book which contains ALL the top entries for everyone to peruse and enjoy.

Profits from the book go to the benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Return from Ogunquit

Though the mini-vacation was's good to be back home. Ogunquit Maine is less than 2 hours away from where I live, but it feels much further. We stayed, as usual at the charming Inn at Two Village Square, a gay friendly b&b with a great pool and the nicest hosts, CT and Joe. We sampled several restaurants and had some good food. Our favorites were Thai food at the Blue Elephant and fried food at the Fisherman's Catch, which we renamed the Fisherman's Snatch. I know, that's just wrong, but they do serve seafood! We also made a habit out of having our evening ice cream cones from Sweet Peas. We had fun at the beach and though the forecast before we left was 'sketchy' the weather turned out to be great, save for a very foggy Monday.

Now I'm looking forward to being home and getting some work done and new pieces started.