Friday, June 15, 2007

Listen While I Work: My Top 10 for June 15, 2007

Maroon 5 has been around a few years and hit it big with "This Love" off their earlier album "Songs About Jane". Though I never really found their sound to be my cup of tea or bottle of beer. So I was suprised by how much I like their latest "Makes Me Wonder" from their new cd. Lead singer Adam Levine isn't bad to look at either...

  1. "Automatic" - Ultra Naté
  2. "Temperantia" - Lisiëm
  3. "Makes Me Wonder" - Maroon 5
  4. "Deeper Into You" - Johnny Hazzard
  5. "Ever Fallen In Love" - Nouvelle Vague
  6. "I Could Fall In Love With You" - Erasure
  7. "Summer Sun" - Jimmy James
  8. "Say it Right" - Nelly Furtado
  9. "Hey You" - Madonna
  10. "Love Today" - Mika
Green denotes new top 10 entry.
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