Friday, May 30, 2008

California Special!

Two weeks ago, the California Supreme Court overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriages. Laws must be fair and unbiased and not discriminate against a specific minority simply because the majority wills it. That is why same-sex marriage should not be a ballot issue because it does not affect the majority of the populace that would be voting on it. Barring a last-minute stay, marriage licenses will be issued to same-sex couples starting June 17th. To show my support, I am having a 20% Off Sale on all Prints featuring Couples.

And to futher celebrate couples, I am releasing eight of my past works as Gallery prints: Times Square, Let No Man Put Asunder, Summer Moved On, The Unwrapping, Then Morning Comes, Lathered Up, Guilty Conscience, and Elsewhere.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sign the Million for Marriage Equality Petition

When the California Supreme Court ruled that denying same-sex couples the right to marry is unconstitutional, we came one step closer to achieving true marriage equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Americans.

Sign the Petition.

You can help maintain this progress—anti-GLBT groups, emboldened by the decision, are now working to deny benefits to GLBT couples on both state and federal levels. As always they try to over turn equality and fairness by putting the issue on voter ballots. The problem with that is that same-sex marriage is not an issue that affects anyone else but gays and lesbians, and therefore, should not be voted on by the general populace. It is inconsequential to them - it is a matter of fairness and equality, not popularity and needs to be decided by and protected by judges.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New England International Erotic Art Festival

The second Annual New England International Erotic Art Festival will take place in Provincetown Massachusetts June 6-8, 2008. The Festivities begin with an opening reception on June 6th 7:00pm – 9:00pm in the Whalers Wharf Cinema Gallery located a 237 Commercial Street 3rd floor. The fine art exhibit and reception is open to the public at no charge and will be open throughout the weekend from 10:00am - 10:00pm. All works of art are available for sale.

I'll be displaying three works, "Crave", "Northern Exposure", and "Leader of the Pack".

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Work & Playlist: May 23, 2008

  1. "Apologize" - Michael Christopher [Weeks at #1 - 3]
  2. "Keep on Rising" - Ian Carey ft. Michelle Shellers
  3. "Going Wrong" - Armin Van Buuren &. DJ Shah ft. Chris Jones
  4. "Miles Away" - Madonna
  5. "Cheap and Cheerful" - The Kills
  6. "Because I Love You" - September
  7. "Lights & Music" - Cut Copy
  8. "Beautiful (Hex Hector's Vocal Mix)" - Taylor Dayne
  9. "Touch My Body (Haji & Emanuel Edit)" - Mariah Carey
  10. "Obsession" - Etienne Daho
Green indicates songs new to the top 10 list. Song links will take you to the iTunes store.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sneak Peek: Calendar 2009

Here's a quick peek at next years calendar cover. I've seen the layout for the inside and think it looks really great.

Sorry but if you wanna see more you'll have to wait a few months. It won't be out til about September.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Work & Playlist: May 16, 2008

  1. "Apologize" - Michael Christopher [Weeks at #1 -2]
  2. "Keep on Rising" - Ian Carey ft. Michelle Shellers
  3. "Going Wrong (ft. Chris Jones)" - Armin Van Buuren &. DJ Shah
  4. "Cheap and Cheerful" - The Kills
  5. "Miles Away" - Madonna
  6. "Beautiful (Hex Hector's Vocal Mix)" - Taylor Dayne
  7. "Because I Love You" - September
  8. "Like A Drug" - Kylie Minogue
  9. "Money" - Daggers
  10. "Lights & Music" - Cut Copy
Green indicates songs new to the top 10 list. Song links will take you to the iTunes store.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I... uh... I don't know what to say

The gems one stumbles across when surfing the web.

On The Drawing Board: Sticky & Sweet

Just wanted to post a little snippet of my outline sketch for my current work. I don't want to give too much away, since this is another piece I am waiting to debut at my gallery show in July. But it's hard for me not to share what I am working on. As I have mentioned before I am doing pieces in between the ones I've been releasing on my website. This will be my third.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stop Fake News, Big Media & Propaganda

As early as tonight, the Senate will have its last chance to roll back media consolidation. The opportunity to stop runaway media conglomerates could come down to your senators!

Their vote would overturn a disastrous FCC giveaway of local news outlets to Big Media. If the giveaway stands, it would open the floodgates to the type of consolidation that has allowed tycoons like Rupert Murdoch (FOX News) to stifle diverse voices with McCarthyism tactics and continue to skew America's political agenda.

Make a Call Now.


WASHINGTON -- In a near-unanimous voice vote tonight, the Senate passed a "resolution of disapproval" that would nullify the Federal Communications Commission's latest attempt to dismantle longstanding media ownership limits.

Last December, the FCC voted to remove the "newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership" ban that prohibits one company from owning a broadcast station and the major daily newspaper in the same market. The resolution of disapproval (Senate Joint Resolution 28), introduced by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.), would nullify the FCC's new rules if passed by Congress and signed by the president. The House version of the resolution was introduced by Reps. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) and Dave Reichert (R-Wash.) in March.

Today, the Bush Corporation (oops) administration issued a statement opposing the resolution and threatening to veto it. The lie (oops) statement called the FCC's new rules the product of "extensive public comment and consultation" but failed to mention that only 1 percent of public comments supported the administration's position.

Friday, May 09, 2008

New Works: Restraint: Caged, Fenced, Walled

In the anonymity of the shadowy darkness, we tend to shed our restraints. We do things, behave in a way we would never do in the daylight. Whether it's our own self imposed limits or those put on us by society, in the darkness we are freer to let out our inner beast and escape the Cage, leap over the Fence, or break down the Wall.

The originals of Caged, Fenced, & Walled as well as 2 different print sizes, almost full size signed and numbered Studio prints and smaller Portfolio sized prints are available. Visit my website for purchasing and more details. During the 'Day of Issue Sale' they are 20% off. This special offer ends around midnight Midnight (EST) May 10th, 2008. Framing is also available.

Justin Timberlake in "The Love Guru"

Justin Timberlake looks to be giving it his all in the upcoming film The Love Guru.

Justin plays athlete Jacques Grande, who steals the wife of a star hockey player. Mike Meyers plays a love guru called Pitka - an American raised outside of his country by gurus - who returns to the States in order to break into the self-help business.

The Love Guru opens June 20th.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

On the Drawing Board: In the Black

In the anonymity of the shadowy darkness, we tend to shed our restraints.

Above is a close up of the first in my trio of 'night' works. Below is a glimpse of the second one in progress. The third is on the way.

2009 Calendar

I'm happy to say that it looks like Bruno Gmünder will be doing my 2009 calendar!

They are the publishing house that did Summer Moved On last year. They often release a calendar to coincide with the books they put out so they released the Summer Moved On 2008 Calendar. The book and calendar did well enough for them that they are interested in doing another calendar of my work for next year. The content and cover is still being decided. If all goes well they should be out around the beginning of September. I'll keep ya posted ~M.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Work & Playlist: May 2, 2008

  1. "Beautiful (Hex Hector's Vocal Mix)" - Taylor Dayne
  2. "Keep on Rising" - Ian Carey ft. Michelle Shellers
  3. "Apologize" - Michael Christopher
  4. "Money" - Daggers
  5. "Cheap and Cheerful" - The Kills
  6. "A Love Thing" - Stonebridge
  7. "Piece of Me (Vasquez & Viscious Radio Edit)" - Britney Spears
  8. "Like A Drug" - Kylie Minogue
  9. "Golden Heart (GRN Golden Glow Remix)" - Erasure
  10. "Because I Love You" - September

Thursday, May 01, 2008

"On the Drawing Board" Pre-Order

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity of having a book of my work published, Summer Moved On, a pictorial presentation of my works by Bruno Gmünder. On the Drawing Board is a behind the scenes companion of sorts to Summer Moved On. It is filled with in-progress images and commentary on many of those works and others. While I chronicle my journey to becoming a self-employed published artist I share insights into my inspirations, motivations, and process, answering many of those questions I am often asked. I am very proud to have the artist BEAU provide the foreword.

On the Drawing Board (soft cover, 82 pages) can be pre-ordered on my website.

On the Drawing Board: Embrace the Dark Side

I always try to pick a shade of paper that suits the project, a light blue for a sunny day or muted brown for an indoor piece like Hoodie. I've only used black once before and that was years ago.

My latest project is something a bit different for me, a series of very shadowed pieces, with a dark and sexual tone. So I am tossing out my aversion to black paper and going for it...and I like it.

These works are on half sheets and are close up shots; another departure from my more elaborate full scenes. I took my camera into a dark room and just played around with a single light. I'm venturing out from my usual methods; breaking some of my restraints which is the theme I was going for with this series: unrestrained.

Madonna: "Love Profusion"

One of her best.

The new Madonna album Hard Candy has just come out, and while I haven't heard enough yet to decide whether I like it, I have a feeling it will be a huge success. Unfortunately the reason it will likely do well is the reason I have mixed feelings about it: employing Timbaland as a producer and going for a definite (and tired) hip hop sound. The song 4 Minutes has an initial hook but after a half dozen listens it fades quickly and Madonna is so lost in the track that I forget it's even her. I do like Miles Away and hope to discover a few other gems.

While her 2003 album American Life is often criticized and labeled a dud, I think it had some awesome tracks, including her best song in 10 years, Love Profusion. And just look at her in this video, she looks great, like a fresh 1940's starlet, a Betty Grable, and not a (Hard Candy) circus dominatrix. But she's still great...