Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sex on the Beach

Yesterday Edward and I made the long drive to Provincetown to drop off my artwork for my upcoming show. For a change we had beautiful weather. We had a great lunch at Ross' Bar & Grille on Commercial St. Then we took a long walk across the jetty out to the beach. It takes a bit of effort to get to which eliminates the 'family' crowds. So this stretch of beach is the 'gay haven' and though not official, swimsuits are optional. And, apparently sex on the beach (and I don't mean the drink by that name) is okay too since we passed two guys fucking out in the open. Oddly the guy on top kept staring at us as if we were doing something wrong by staring at them. Ummm....if you're gonna put on a show, expect people to watch!

Now I'm not gonna say whether we engaged is such activity yesterday, but admit that sex in public, especially in the great outdoors, in the sandy dunes along the ocean can be a big turn on.

Above is my piece titled "Dunes" inspired by previous trips to the tip of Cape Cod.


derek said...

Man your talented

Michael Breyette said...

Thanks again Derek!

RearBear said...

Must admit myself. Did it once and got stared at...which I found a bigger turn on than the hot rocks we were on!
Love your work and admire your talent bud!