Michael Breyette is a self-taught artist. Like many other fellow artists, he does not recall when he began drawing. But having started at a very young age, he soon realized he had an aptitude for it. Born in rural upstate NY, a region that can sometimes parallel the stereotype of the red-neck South, his earliest works were often of an escapist nature and typically fell within the realms of science fiction or fantasy. But as his sexuality developed he often felt the need to include female subjects in his creations. This allowed him the freedom to paint his scantily clad men without inviting too many unwanted questions from his conservative family. 

Until the late '90s, Michael's artistic endeavors were mostly just a hobby that he shared with his friends. He felt there must be an audience out there for his creations, but was unsure of how to reach it. But in 1998 he discovered the impact and exposure provided by the Internet. First, he created a personal website which allowed him to show his artwork to the world, and soon he was receiving compliments on his subject matter, style and technique. In 2000, with much success, he started selling his originals via the web, and followed two years later with fine art prints. 

In 2003 Michael left his secure day job of 13 years to become a full time artist. Now living in Worcester, Massachusetts, he enjoys the support not only of his close friends but also of the countless fans who have written to share their love of his work.