Friday, August 03, 2007

Erotic Signature art book is released

I just recieved my complimentary (for being included) collector's edition of "World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today - Vol. I" . I am happy to finally see the completed book. It has been a long time coming. Being the first of it's kind by Erotic Signature explains the numerous delays. The book is the result of a juried competition for erotic artists. It's softbound, 8.5" x 11", 255 pages. The Collector's Editions are numbered upto 1000.

The book is divided into 4 categories: Fine Art, Photography, Digital Art, and Sculpture. The subject matter is varied covering everything in the erotic genre, heterosexual to homosexual. With a wide selection of artists there is a wide range of interpretations too, everything from whimsical to 'brutal'. Browsing through the book and seeing the great works and tremendous variety is inspiring. The one little thing I find a tad disappointing about the Erotic Signature project, were the choice of 'winners' in each category. Sure you might think I am resentful because I didn't win in my category but I am not along in my feelings as artist Marc DeBauch had the same take on the jury's winning choices, which is they are rather 'safe' or cliché in theme. Yes, they are well done works, but the choices did not seem very adventurous. They are all heterosexual in nature, the grand prize winner is a 'Betty Page'-esque all-girl strip poker game photograph. Other winners included a mermaid and a latex/leather clad 'cat-woman'. Luckily that really has no bearing on the book which contains ALL the top entries for everyone to peruse and enjoy.

Profits from the book go to the benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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