Thursday, August 16, 2007

Same-Sex Marriage Equality Down Under Gets Held Up

Australian opposition leader Kevin Rudd [the nelly looking queen pictured] will never consider same-sex marriage, but he will remove all other forms of discrimination if elected, he has stated.Hon. Kevin Rudd, Australia

"My position – the party’s position – is it is between a man and a woman," Rudd said when asked if he would ever consider gay marriage.

"All other forms of same-sex discrimination should be removed. When it comes to these forms of discrimination we've just got to get past it"

I wonder if politicians ever listen to themselves speak. Do they realize the stupidity that comes out of their own mouths. In the above sentence he admits same-sex marriage is a form of discrimination. Then says, 'we've just got to get past' the other forms of discrimination. WTF! Why can't he "just get past" marriage discrimination? Why don't politicians just say it without all the doublespeak, "I am against it because I'm a bigot". There isn't a single legitimate reason to deny gay couples the right to marry. Not one.

Australian Marriage Equality spokesman Peter Furness said, "Politicians will eventually have to follow public opinion. The majority of Australians support equal marriage rights."

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wally said...

That made me chuckle..the nelly looking queen Kevin Rudd!I do believe he has allowed his christian bloody beliefs cloud his judgement on marriage for same sex couples!he has quoted his christian beliefs stops him from seeking marriage for same sex couples.
I agree with the stupidity of his statements as well.. if he gets in l do hope he is a man of his word at least on same sex couples receivivng the same financial benfits hetro couples do receive here in australia.
I guess it is a starting point I agree it would be better if it was a complete package for same sex couples.
I love your work MATE..
Cheers Wally