Monday, August 06, 2007

Poll Results & New Poll

A couple weeks ago the poll asked "in which of these places have you had sex?" I was a little suprised by the results. I wonder if your parents know what's going on under their roof while they are out? And 32% said you've done it in a car in heavy traffic!? Hmm... wonder if they have a breathalizer test for that? Here are the results.

  1. At parents or relatives house when they were home (54%)
  2. In a public park or alley (52%)
  3. In a public restroom (47%)
  4. On a beach during the day (41%)
  5. At my workplace (41%)
  6. In a car in heavy traffic (32%)
  7. On camera (23%)
  8. In a bar or club (not the restroom) (19%)
  9. At my gym (15%)
  10. In a taxi, subway train or bus (10%)
  11. On a plane (8%)
Now that I'm back from vacation and the 'poll' feature seems to be working again...this weeks poll asks "When do you think same-sex marriage or civil unions will be recognized across the U.S.?" Now 10 years ago I wouldn't have thought that even one state would recognize same sex marriages, but one does and a handful more have some sort of civil union legislation in place. On the other hand, dozens of states have passed 'bigot laws' defining marriage as between a man and a woman, very similar to previous laws that forbid marriage between couples of different races. Also the sociopathic moron in the White House has stacked the supreme court with pre-Renaissance thinking judges that have more compassion for corporations than people. That balance might not shift back to progressive thinkers for quite some time.

The poll is in the side bar.

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