Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Poll: Your Personal Sex-Capades

Most of us have gotten wild and done things some people would qualify as dispicable or 'trampy'. I am more of the mind, that what ever consenting adults do and no one gets hurt isn't bad or immoral. So what boundaries have you pushed? The poll is in the sidebar.

Last weeks results:

Where did you meet your most recent significant other?

1. Online (chat room/hook up/dating site) (25%)
Through friends (25%)
3. Club/Bar (14%)
Other public place (store/street/park etc.) (14%)
5. On a vacation (7%)
At work or through job interaction (7%)
6. Other (3%)
7. Blind date (0%)

Ahhhhh, the internet. It's really impacted gay culture. Before it, a lot guys felt very isolated, and trying to meet other gay folk was difficult and even dangerous. Today with countless websites, chat rooms etc. it's pretty easy to find someone to connect with.

1 comment:

Sh@ney said...

It has impacted me in a negative way of late , thus I no longer have an online dating account with the likes of matchmaker or gaydar..I dont go out very often so my chances of finding a partner are quite slim...Geeez what am I doing!