Friday, August 31, 2007

Is Romney a Big 'Mo?

...and that's not Mo' as in Mormon, I mean 'Mo as in homo. It seems the hypocrite former Gov' of Massachusetts renewed his call for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in response to what happened in Iowa today. For a few short hours it was legal in the Hawkeye State for all couples to wed, until the judge who deemed the Iowa ban on same-sex unions unconstitutional put a stay on his decision.

Mitt Romney's behavior is very similar to that of Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Craig had a virtually 100% anti-gay record in the Senate, consistently voting against gay marriage, civil unions, and hate crime penalties for crimes against homosexuals. Other behavior of Senator Craig included "lewd conduct" in the men's room of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Psychologist say this extreme contradictory behavior is indicative of what some people go through to hide their real self from a hostile society.

Mitt's anti-gay zeal is obviously hiding something. He hasn't yet been caught with his pants down, but since he is apparently demonstrating his fellatio technique (above), it's just a matter of time.


Anonymous said...

As Governor of MA where I live he ruined our state funded programs, healthcare, HIV/AIDS benefits, Gay Rights, Schools, on and on. Thank God for Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy saving the state with gay marriage and the Ryan White Funding still being in place. It is so god to see him go, the coward rescinded the gay marriage bill his last day in office and thankfully our new Gov. Deval Patrick reinstated it 2 days after taking office. Keep this man out of office, look what he did to MA and consider being set back 40 years as a gay person. A Thankful MA resident

Michael Breyette said...

Hey Anon,

Yeah I'm in MA too. Granted I don't like most republicans because they usually side with corporations (screwing over the enviroment, laborers etc. for greed) and have anti-American values - meaning they put religeon before the founding American principals of freedom and equality. But as repbulicans go Romney is just...ugh! He doesnt even hold to his own convictions but panders to whomever he can to get elected.