Thursday, August 16, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Cute Couple

I always go through a phase at the beginning where it just doesn't seem to be working out and I consider starting over. It's usually when I am working on the faces. But I always keep at it, keep pushing forward, adding layers til things finally start looking right. It happens so often that I don't really get too panicked about it anymore. Now that I've gone through that stage with both faces I feel confident about the final outcome. There is still some tweaking to do with the faces but they both have a good foundation established.

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Sh@ney said...

That is really amazing...after commenting on the post about 'the hands' & then coming down to this post, it is fantastic to be able to see the transitiion from draft to painting with color. I wish I had your talent. maybe I wouldn't spend so much time sitting on the PC.