Monday, August 13, 2007

Blame it on Bette

I would have bet against it but Edward and I are headed to Vegas again next year. Each year his work gives him an alotment to attend any of numerous veterinary conferences across the country. The one we always end up at is the one held each February in Las Vegas. For the past three years in a row I've gone with him to the 5-6 day event. When the conference is over we've both had enough of Sin city, the gambling, the crowds, the prices. Each year we swear we won't go back. But for some reason we do.

This year it's Bette Midlers fault. Now, I'm not a fanatic, I think I only own 1 CD, but I think she is funny and outrageous. So when we heard she was going to be replacing Celine Dion (who we should have seen, just for the sheer over-the-top extravaganza of it all) at Ceasar's Palace in 2008, we had to go. Her brand new show, according to her website, "will be bigger than anything she's ever done...not that size matters." As it turns out Edward and I are not the only crazy ones as we ended buying 4 more show tickets for friends and co-workers who are going to the conference as well. Dare I expect this Las Vegas trip to be a lot of fun?

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Sh@ney said...

I think she is amazing...I remember a few years ago now, I watched one of her concerts on Tele & I didnt move until the curtain closed. She is one of the best entertainers around & she seems to get better with age! I hope you guys have a blast!