Saturday, August 11, 2007

Poll Results: Marriage in less than 20

"Recién Casados" a.k.a "Just Married"

In response to last weeks poll, most of you are optimists, 81% believing that we will see some form of same-sex marriages across the 50 States by 2027.
  1. 10-20 years 53%
  2. 10 or less 28%
  3. 30-50 years 13%
  4. more than 50 years 4%
This weeks poll, dares to ask the question, "What has been your longest lasting 'serious' relationship? Now I'm not just talking friendships and such, I mean someone you'd define as your significant other.


Wayne said...

Happy to say Craig and I have made it 30 years. 31 in October.

Michael Breyette said...

Wooohoo Wayne & Craig!!