Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rosie, Free to Speak

I like Rosie O’Donnell. I think she's funny, real, outspoken and I even share many of her views, no surprise this is Left in the Dust after all. Of course some don't. She speaks her mind and I guess that upsets some people. On her show “The View” she gives her view and it quite often questions what the Bush administration presents as truth. Huh, go figure why should anyone doubt what falls out of George Bush’s mouth? "Weapons of Mass Destruction"," Mission Accomplished", "I want to work together with Democrats"?

For example last week Rosie, implied that the British/Iranian incident could be another Gulf of Tonkin, and brought up the anomalies surrounding the collapse of WTC 7 and the lack of an investigation, legitimate points. I think it's great that Rosie exercises her right to question and of free speech. I also love how it riles up all the anti-American Conservatives like Bill O'Rielly, Glenn Beck and their followers. Yes, I call them anti-Americans because they obviously don't think people have a right to speak out, disagree, or question the government. They lash out with name calling and personal attacks instead offering an intelligent debate on the issues and questions posed. Nothing is more American than the right to free speech. You can disagree, but criticizing someone for it, calling it treason (like Beck did), is ridiculous and un-American. Every Americans true allegiance should be first to their country not whoever happens to be in the White House or a certain political party.

So keep talking Rosie, I like hearing what you have to say.

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