Saturday, April 07, 2007

Meet Alan Ilagan

Alan Ilagan is adept at the art of prose and the art of the pose. For those of you out there that have received your copies of “Summer Moved On” (if you've purchased from me, yes - they are in the mail!) you may have actually flipped back to the beginning and read the forward by Alan. He is a freelance writer and critic whose work has been published in Instinct, xy, Q Northeast, Windy City Times, Boston Phoenix, Metroland, and numerous web sites including Out in America, and

I've known Alan for several years through the magic oracle know as the Internet. He’s a great writer and quite a good photographer as well as a very nice person. He’s very open, and has a great energy about him and the occasional moments of wild and outrageous behavior. If you weren't aware, he is also the subject of my piece titled “Alan in Blue”, see the image above. So, yeah he is sexy too.

He’s written a nice announcement about my book on his site, Please check it out as well as some of the many articles he’s written, and his extensive photo albums.

UPDATE: I have fixed the link to, sorry about that.

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