Sunday, April 29, 2007

5th Anniversary Print

This May marks the 5th anniversary of when I began creating and selling prints of my works. I had been posting my originals for sale on eBay for one or two years when I got an email from artist Tom Jones. He was also using eBay to sell his works. He was also doing his own prints. He liked my work and thought prints would be a great next step for me. He was nice enough to tell me how to go about it because I had no clue. If you have a copy of my book, you'll notice that Tom Jones is listed on my 'thank you' page, that is why.

It was May of 2002 when I first created and sold prints of "Cotton". He started a string of similar works which became a collection of gorgeous men in just underwear and jocks. To celebrate that, I am offering a limited edition print of "Men in Briefs". This 24 x 8 print features the 9 men in the series together. Only 25 prints have been produced at $95 each, $270 framed.


Manny said...

Hey Michael,

"Happy 5th Anniversay!"

This May marks my 6th Anniversay of "Mooning" my manager in front of 120 office staff because I wanted to get fired on the spot and recieve the massive payout that went with it. That poor woman she will never be the same again. Any chance for me to expose my butt in public will be done at any given chance for shock value!

I love the image of your first print, it's really amazing to see how far you have progressed as an Artist in such a short time. Five years may seem long to some but I can imagine it has flown by for you, considering the amount of work have produced since.

As a matter of fact your print actually reminds of an advert we had here for an underwear party held at club called The Midnight Shift some 17 years ago, only all the guys in the advert had their backs to the camera and there were maybe 20 guy's in the shot that was taken from the waist down. I'd love to find a copy of the advert and post it for you to see.

Well, here's to another 5 years and too bigger and better things for you. Congratulations!


Michael Breyette said...


In some ways 5 years have flown by. In other ways it seems like another lifetime. My art was just a little hobby. At that time I had no notion that I would ever quit my job, or get a book of my work published, let alone enough works to fill a book.

I'd love to see the underwear party poster.

Take care,