Friday, April 20, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Big in Japan

I've been very productive the last couple of days. The figure is nearly done, leaving the background, and then the finishing touches. I gave the figure green eyes which made him look exotic and very sexy so I've decided to take that further. I've added a kanji symbol tattoo (anyone know what it is?). I like the contrast of the green eyed black man in an Asian setting. It's that atypical pairing that makes something exotic. After all an exotic local isn't exotic to those that live there.


magick1 said...

I can't find it anywhere using's search engine; I don't know what it means, but I like the way it looks.
. . .
Changing topic- have you ever done any Pagan based artwork?

Michael Breyette said...

The symbol, according to a few websites I've found, means 'strength'. I like that. "Strength" can be in terms of power, health or even emotional stability.

No, I would not say I've intentionally done anything 'pagan', but that term is very broad in scope. Depending on what you're referring to it can be anything from devil worship to mythology to simply non-religeous.

Anonymous said...

Specifically, it is the chinese characetr "li" meaning power or strentgh.

Anonymous said...

this is your first unpleasant, angry and threatening artwork.
The sholder signe your subject is
displaying is a militant war-lord
insigna, that is why the Japanese like it.

Your wonderful artwork brings us
all to gether in a worm understanding way, that is why we

Michael Breyette said...

I certainly agree we have had enough warlords!

I chose the symbol for it's meaning of strength. I think as a gay man or anyone who finds themself as an outcast or a minority in a society has to develop an inner strength to deal with the forces that constantly try to demean you with notions that you are different, unwanted, second class.

Anonymous said...

the srtength comes from us for each other. As Gay men we have
one another and do not need others as it is they who are the out casts from us.

We share inner strengtht in our own
and must deal with the forces which
try to demean us.
We are not secondf class but are extremely
powerful as a class of connected
men in every office of government,
finance and media. We do not need
simbles, we truly have each other world wide.

Thank's Michael

Michael Breyette said...

Hey Anon,

I am surpised that a tattoo meaning 'strength' would be controversial. To me strength goes hand in hand with pride.

Symbols are just pictorial versions of words. I see nothing wrong with sporting a peace sign, pink triangle or rainbow flag.

When 26 states (so far) amend their constitutions to ban you from marriying your partner, the millitary discharges you, the state of Virgina allows banks to discriminate against you all on the basis of your sexual orientation, that to me is second class status.

"As Gay men we have one another and do not need others"

I think we do need others. We can't say we don't need 'them'; we cannot segregate ourselves or let ourselves be segregated. We are ALL part of society.

Anonymous said...

Re: Warlords, you are right, WE DO need each other as a section of
society. Yet, I see myslf in your "Rianstorm" you captured me
perfectly...I am not alone i'm sure, in the rain.
Did you ever feel like our friend in the rain, I think so, you as you captured him with so much feeling and so well........