Thursday, April 12, 2007

Calendar Boys

I know I know, it's only April and I am bringing up next years calendar. That's because the publishers of my book, Bruno Gmünder Verlag, have proposed a "2008 Summer Moved On" calendar. I am really thrilled and I hope it means they are happy with how things are going. Above are pictured some of the 2007 calendars they produced, Giovanni's "Private Parts", Patrick Fillion's "Hot Chocolate", and Joe Phillips "Boys Will Be Boys".

As you may know, I put out 2006 and 2007 calendars of my work myself. I used publish-on-demand printers which allowed me to print up only as many as I was selling. This way I wasn't stuck losing money on calendars that I didn't sell. The drawback was it kept the individual cost of making each one high, and the profit low. I never really thought of them as a big money making venture anyway; they've been more of a promotional tool. Hopefully people hung them up or gave them as gifts introducing my work to more people.

Having Bruno Gmünder behind my calendar will certainly expose it to a broader audience as well as turnover the task and expense of printing and promoting.

Since the calendar will be based on the book it obviously means images in the book will be in the calendar. However I am working with them on the content to include some new works. I also will try to limit the number of works that appeared in the 2 previous calendars. Though (hopefully) the 2008 calendar will reach a lot more people than ever saw the previous ones, I still don't want it to be too repetitive for those that did buy them.

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