Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Article by Alan in 'EDGE'

I am happy to announce that Alan Ilagan, who I posted about recently and who wrote the forward for my book, just got an article published about me in in 'Edge'. EDGE publishes the country's leading Gay/Lesbian online local news & entertainment magazines with editions in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Providence, Fort Lauderdale, & Miami.

Alan is a freelance writer and a couple months ago interviewed me for the piece. He recently sent it out to several of the places he is often published in to coincide with the release of "Summer Moved On". He did a wonderful job. ::Hugs to Alan::

P.S. He also did a nice write up on his website about an amazing friend of his, Chris Vaeth, who will be riding in AIDS/LifeCycle in San Francisco. It's a 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles from June 3-9, 2007, that aims to help those living with HIV and AIDS. He's hoping to raise $2500.

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