Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bay Area Reporter Review

Daring to over-toot my own horn, I just wanted to share another nice write up about my book and my work in the latest issue of the Bay Area Reporter, the GLBT paper of San Francisco since 1971.

The article was written by John F. Karr. Though everyone says you're not supposed to put too much emphasis on a review (good or bad) it is nice to read positive comments from people whom I don't know and who are not the publisher.

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Manny said...

Hey Michael,

Just heard about your Blog from Patrick Fillion's Boytoons Magazine.

Yay! Another blog for me to explore, and I love what you have done with it. Looking forward to exploring your previous posts, I had a quick glimpse through and they look great.

Well it's 6.40 am in Sydney, gotta get ready for the Gym, the things us men do to fight of gravity LOL