Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Occupational Hazzards

This weekend I was hit with a bad cold. Of course this was also the first really nice weekend in New England. I wanted to get out and enjoy it, as well as finish my latest piece, neither happened. I saturated myself with the store brand of "Airborne" (the cold fighter/preventer) and it seemed to really help. Never have I felt so miserable on a Saturday and then sooooo much better come Tuesday.

Anyway as someone who suffered from asthma as a child and works around so much dust, I decided to finally invest in an air filter. I like to think that I am a fit healthy guy, perhaps that's why I waited so long. I know it's something I should have done quite a while ago. This weekends cold knocked the wind out of me so it got me to take action. The pastel dust did not cause my cold, but it is certainly not good for me. Though I could not bring myself to fork out over $1000 for an air filter designed especially for pastel artists I did find this one by Austin, from an art supply company along with a few good write ups about. So hopefully it arrives soon and makes a noticeable difference.

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