Thursday, January 11, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Still a long (sub)way to go

Arrrrgggh, while I usually like the result and enjoy the challenge of drawing things I haven't attempted before, I often wonder what the hell was I thinking when I take on fine details with a lot of straight edges. I've been feeling that the last couple days as I've been filling in this background, the shiny interior of a subway car. I just had to do something else before I called it a night so I roughly filled in his blue t-shirt. Ahhh, big sweeping swaths of color.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, sky blue shirt and blue eyes are very refreshing colors.

Straight edges (lines) are not a natural accurance in nature and are complantery to your subject.

The straiget ( Not such a good word for us ) lines of the background of the subway car are interesting because of the prespective from the starting point to the end point at the far end ,converging, of the subway car lines. The many objects included round and flat surfaces for most would be a problem but not for Michael !
You, Michael must have a great "eye" and yes very time consuming. Great work Michael.

There must be much excitment over
your book, sure thing, it will be be beautiful !

Dick :)

Michael said...

Hey Dick,

I am really pleased how much you appreciate my work. But take it easy, or people might start to think I am paying you to post those comments!

Anonymous said...

Well understood, although I work very cheap........

Thanks Michael

Dick :(