Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hairy Potter?

Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry Potter, will be appearing soon in London’s west end play “Equus”. The boy meets horse story will have Radcliffe in the buff during quite a bit of the performance. This fact has somehow outraged a number of ‘concerned’ parents who proclaim they will boycott all of Daniels future endeavors. Perhaps someone needs to explain to these gymnophobes (people who fear nudity) that Daniel Radcliffe is not Harry Potter but is an actor who portrays Harry Potter. Harry Potter is fictional. Harry Potter is not in “Equus”, Daniel is. I guess it’s too distressing to them to have to face the fact that Mr. Radcliffe is a human being with, oh my gosh, genitalia. Since they won’t actually see “Equus”, they will be forced to imagine and fantasize about his naked body; the images searing and swirling in their heads for eternity. Therefore, to cleanse their thoughts, they must protect the children. Afterall their children may go to London and see this play and be forever damaged seeing a naked human. They may even grow up and be so sexually stunted that they will boycott all movies that feature actors that at one time appeared naked in another play or movie that they never saw.

How did these people ever have children if they are so uptight with sexuality and so traumatized by just the thought of the human body?

Harry needs to grab hold of his ‘magic wand’ and shake it in their faces admonishing, “Shame on you”.

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magick1 said...

Kudos to your comment on Radcliff's appearence in Equus. Some of us live larger than life and are forced into stereotypes that become difficult to escape. I don't have the blessings / curse of being famous and episodes like this remind me why I don't want to be famous.