Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First comes love, then comes gay marriage, then comes Romney to hate and disparage

As the country mourns Gerald Ford, the man who pardoned Nixon in order for the country to heal and move past the Watergate scandal, here in Massachusetts ex-Governor Romney keeps tossing gasoline on the same-sex marriage issue even though its been legalized here since 2004. He continues to push to get the issue on the ballot. Which is very inappropriate since banning same-sex marriage only affects homosexual people. Heterosexual people would not be affected.

Mit "I hate gays" Romney and all those phony 'family value' organizations that pretend to be protecting 'marriage' and 'families' are simply bigots. All they are doing is putting down, repressing others in order to feel better about themselves. Same-sex marriage hurts no one. There is no justification whatsoever to deny one segment of the population the rights to something that's granted to everyone else.

Hmmm, deny marriage to homosexual couples, what's next?
Deny driver's licenses to redheads?
Deny a public education to left-handers?

Once upon a time things equally as ridiculous, like denying the right to own property to people based on the color of their skin, or deny the right to vote if you had a vagina instead of a penis were actually laws. Yet we realised that those things were stupid, wrong and immoral. It often took wise leaders to take an unpopular stand and make those changes because the majority of the populace had not been enlightened yet. They changed those laws because it was the right thing to do, not the popular thing (at the time).

I am not sure which is worse, if a politician like Romney is just a bigot, or (according to his record it is more likely) that he is against same-sex marriage primarily because he thinks it will get him elected President.

Image shown is "Recién Casados", translation "Just Married"


Michael said...

I know, I know, I said I would try to refrain from posting rants, but it's just me expressing my viewpoint in a calm and reasonable manner, right? :-)

timldn said...

I know that foreigners shouldn't enter into the debate of another country. But let me put my support beside what you say Michael. Allowing gay people some of the same protections the law gives others wont cause the country to implode. Tim in London

Dick :- said...

Mit Romny exibits "self hate.
What are his true feelings. He is using us as a way cross all lines. Who will disagree with his hate program ? remember, anyone who is for our rights is at once suspect himself. So, they have a one party system at once of this most powerful issue against us. This matter then brings everyone of them together against us to creats a powerbase.
Just look to see who is stand arround the men's room, could it be Mit looking for more power in his hand :-. ! You are right Michael the most dangerous guys of all have self doubt, remember Hitler, he first murdered the Gays then all the others so what and who will be next.
We must creat our own direct political power base And fite back
to save our selves. History will be
repeated ! WE MUST VOTE on every issue and take ourown control, we have the power in our hands :-, too