Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Work Needs a Name

Well I finished my latest work a few days ago and still haven't settled on a name. I thought it might be fun and help me out if I had a contest to "Title the Art". If you'd like to participate and possible win a free print, visit my website later today for the details, www.studio1088.com.

I admit that I do enjoy striving to achieve a certain level of realism in my pastels. It's fun and challenging. Though it may not look it, I do hold back and remind myself that it is artwork and it's okay for some elements to be left a little 'rougher' a little more representational. I guess it's a matter of balancing which ones to refine and to what degree. Still I often get comments that my works look like (or are) photographs, which is totally flattering. I am not about showcasing a unique style or making something that looks 'artsy'. I am about the finished illustration, bringing a fantasy or moment to life. Of course reducing an image to a small low-res computer file amplifies the photo quality. I've done the opposite here and posted an extreme close up to show that it is in fact a pastel painting.


Anonymous said...

I've followed your work for a couple of years now, courtesy of Scott & Scott. I'm always amazed by the brilliant color and glowing skin tones you create with pastels. (I'm sticking with colored pencil since my pastels look like they were done by inebriated preschoolers.)

I wonder if you would be willing to post a tutorial or step-by-step photos of a work in progress. I know that may be an inconvenience, but I for one would love to see it.

Your newest piece is wonderful, as always.

Michael said...

Hey Anon,

a tutorial hmmm... that's something I may consider. I've always been shy about my method though. Having not recieved formal training, I always think 'trained artists' would tell me "that's not the way to use pastels". I know, that's crazy right? Art is about free expression. And I always figured, do whatever works, its only the results that count.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Your work is beautiful however you get there.