Friday, January 12, 2007

On The Drawing Board: An Eye Full

I've started to work on the eye candy that has caught the attention of our subway rider. I have a feeling he's thinking of something else that he rather be riding.

Not so very long ago I really avoided fabrics. Now here I am with all kinds of clothing. Denim is one of the harder textiles to capture. It's not just simply blue. Many shades and tones appear throughout. It also has worn spots and all those seems and stitching. No wonder I usually leave off the clothes entirely.

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timldn said...


To watch your work develop like this is a huge priveledge. I wondered when you started it how it was going to progress. The addition of the object of the lustful looks is so powerful. And which gay man out there hasnt been in that young mans place and cast a sideways glance at a dream?