Friday, January 26, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Seeing the Light

With a good portion of the figures filled in, I've moved on to the background. Since I have a habit of resting my hand on the picture to steady it, as soon as I am happy with the faces/figures I start working from the top down. Granted this does not mean once an area is filled in that I won't go back to it.

I like the idea of the light hitting the wall, but I may wait and see as I complete more of the picture whether or not I will make changes to it.

Now, I admit that almost every piece I do, at some point I feel like yeah, this is my new favorite. I am at that stage with this one. But, like a mother and her children, they are all my favorites. Though, I find that feeling to be motivational. Otherwise, it would become tedious and unfulfilling.

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