Thursday, March 08, 2007

So today I was messing around taking some pictures. Then using photoshop I made up a 'movie poster' style ad promoting my book just for fun. Plus, I get to show-off one of my Valentine's Day presents, the briefs.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the package of eye candy is REALY beautiful, not to mention the Book cover. My vote goes to the package of eye candy, by the way, who is the lucky guy filling the Valentine present, Michael or Edward ? Did it come with a role of socks ?

What's your vote ?

Michael said...

Thanks A.N., Yep that's me and no...I didn't get a roll of socks :-)

Anonymous said...

Then you got the "RIGHT stuff" Michael
A.N. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

you sure know where to put the shadows, dark ones even in full frontal light...Look around your onion patch .

#1 Fan

Anonymous said...

GREAT PACKAGING! On both counts!


you sure got something to show Michael, but I guess we knew that already.. ;)