Sunday, March 25, 2007

Post-Publish Depression?

Don't get me wrong, I am totally thrilled and happy about the book. It turned out wonderful, it's perhaps the biggest moment of my art career, and I have had great response and sales. Despite all that, though, perhaps because the long anticipated moment of its arrival has now passed, I have fallen into a rather 'blah' mood, kind of a combination of depressed and stressed. For some reason this happens to me often. Usually I am feeling very 'up' whenever I finish and release a new work, and then almost the next day I get the blues. I wouldn't call it severe. It is annoying though, because I feel like I should be happy and enjoying the moment. It only lasts a few days then I get back to my chipper or moderately content self.

I am aware that I don't get overcome by euphoric joy at the 'big happy events'. I am happy and trying to take in the particular experience, but I don't have the super-bubbly feeling inside. When I reflect on my fondest moments, they are actually the little things: an afternoon walk or a quiet dinner and a movie on the couch with Edward; stopping for a coffee with Mark after we ship out prints, or an evening working on a pastel and listening to music.

I guess, if anything, that explains a lot of my artwork. It's those little moments I like, I treasure, I seek to capture.

But what's up with the gray cloud? Like I said, it's not a big problem. Perhaps it is normal?

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Anonymous said...


Definitely a normal feeling and very probably the result of finally releasing all that built-up tension. You do some amazing, very unique, work (as you know) and it takes concentration to make it all happen!

Your friends (and fans),
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