Thursday, March 22, 2007

[2] magazine's Coverboys

The editor of [2] magazine, a bimonthly publication of male pictorials that puts the focus on couples, just informed me that they will be putting one of my pastel paintings on the cover of their May/June issue. My first magazine cover! It is totally awesome! Also, this will be the first time in the magazine's history that the cover is an artists illustration rather than a photograph. So I am truly honored.

They had recently contacted me about my book and wanted to do more of a feature rather than just a review. They interviewed me and I sent them some images. Seems they thought my "Buds" were the hottest couple in the issue.

The May/June issue goes on sale April 24.


Frater Gymnos said...

My husband told me that I would particularly enjoy the magazine cover which he left in the bathroom...

and I was SO delighted to see that it was your work.

Like seeing an old, familliar face one passes in teh streeets of one's neighborhood but never got past nodding and saying hello to.

hope this is the beginning of more of the same.

Michael Breyette said...

Thanks Frater,

I was delighted as well. Take care,