Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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As you know the books are in. Mark and I have been very busy processing all the orders, signing and number the books, logging in the Gift Cards for the pre-orders, packing them up and shipping them out. So be patient, we hope to get them all on their way by early next week. If you pre-ordered, but haven't actually purchased yet, please hop on over to and do so. The check out price will say $38.95 but keep in mind we have a record of your pre-order and will subtract the $10 prior to processing your card.

I am happy to say that some folks have already gotten their copies. I wanted to share a few of the emails I've gotten. They made me very happy.


I received summer moved on today in the mail. I don't know what to say ,it's great just doesn't seem enough. I enjoyed looking at it and will leave it on my coffee table. Thank you so very much for the copy. I would have been very happy to pay for it. You are a very sweet person. I wish you all the best with it and all your artwork. I can say I own a couple of original works of art, when you become super rich and famous. Keep up the great work. I just had to tell you how much I love the book. thanks again.

Allan B., Connecticut

I sent him a complimentary copy since he was the first person to ever buy one of my prints (back in 2002) and has purchased a print of nearly every piece of art since.


Michael, Michael:

Your lovely book arrived today.
It is so much more awesome than I thought!
YOU are so damned talented (or should I say blessed). Your book is a
worthy and wonderful contribution to society.
I truly want to hug and hold you with that hug as my gift back to you and
it must be a cyber one at that (:(
Your book is well worth the wait and the cost - minuscule.
Hugs Man! 1 2 3

Larry F. , Oklahoma



Congratulations! The book is superb! Received it today and couldn’t wait to open it up and see all your works of art in a larger size and in one place. The forwards were very good, but the art is the show!
Wish you had included your stories of each piece but know that space limits what you can do and the art is what is important.
Hope this book soon sells out!
Hugs and take care Michael !

Doug B., Iowa

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