Sunday, March 11, 2007

On The Drawing Board: A bit more...

Just a little more done. Pardon the slightly washed out photo.


Anonymous said...

Very good Michael,

your subject looks tired the way he should after a hard work out.
He's a real Irishman...
the green flag is also a great idea !


Anonymous said...

blue is a complementry color of the blond yellow-gold..
I am thinking about the color of the locker door behind your subject.
What about a lite blue color for the locker door. Since you are the expert will you let us know why you used the color you did.

A. Fan

Michael said...

I don't usually contemplate my choices as I am working on a piece. It's more of a feeling. I grab the color that resonates with me. If I think about it, yes, there is a reason behind the choice and since you asked I will try and explain it.

Now I don't want to sound like a pretentious ass. Basically I choose what I do 'cause I think it looks best. But here is my explanation why I think so...

Colors have a language. Each hue conveys emotions and thoughts and helps communicate to the viewer. Blue would be complementary, but (light) blue is calming, it's fresh, it's enlightenment, it's peaceful. Now for this peice I am envisioning a tough Irishman just after a rough game of rugby. Blue could be used as a backdrop, but the dark red for me communicates better. Dark red is intense, it is smoldering embers, it passionate and its' the color of blood. What could be more appropriate for rugby?

I like playing with colors and sometimes working with similar hues makes a piece more interesting. Look at my prints "Tight End" and "Sweat", the figures are very similar to their backgrounds. I think those paintings work and think this one will as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael.
The Masters always know what best. "He" WILL BE a another great looking Irishman like most of the other Irishmen !!!

A. Fan