Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Work: Vers la Vie Nocturne

It’s been a long hard day and he’s been burdened by its demands. He’s ready to make some demands of his own. He needs action and release. Nothing will keep him from his destination, not even a downpour. He made his way across the city of light as every raindrop washed away his façade as the proper business man. He feels alive again in his element. He needs to get away from the structure of the day and submerge himself into the nightlife, vers la vie nocturne.

Full size limited edition gallery, limited edition studio, and open edition portfolio prints are available for purchase through my website. The Day of Issue sale is on until around Midnight ET September 5, 2008.


Ann Somerville said...

Oh...yum. Stunning as usual, Michael!

aleycat said...

Such a hot and exciting new master peice Michael..