Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Eye of the Ego

Alan Ilagan is putting it all on display...er well not all of it but many of his beautiful photographs of the natural world in which he lives as well as Alan au naturel are on view at his upcoming show.

The Eye of the Ego
is Alan's solo debut exhibit of his photography. His images are predominately focused on two subjects. One of which is his interpretation of nature. He takes the mundaneness of a dew covered leaf or dripping icicle and captures it with as much vivaciousness as his intense floral studies and compositions. The other focus of his work is a flower of another sort, the eye pleasing and intriguing artist himself in a variety of dress and undress. Having done a painting of a Speedo clad Alan myself, I can say that both subjects appeal to the artistic eye.

The Eye of the Ego begins this Friday September 5th, 5PM at the Romaine Brooks Gallery in Albany NY, as part of Albany's 1st Friday art event. If you're in the area, show Alan some love and stop by.

Romaine Brooks Gallery, Capital District Gay & Lesbian Center, 3rd Floor, 332 Hudson Ave, Albany NY 12210 (518) 462-6138 x 15

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