Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Collectible Calendars

Skimming around on Amazon the other day, I saw that 2 (third party) sellers were offering my Summer Moved On 2008 Calendar for sale. I was very surprised by how much they were asking. I guess since the 2008 calendar was published last year and is surely out of print, it's a bit of a collector's item already. Though $54.29 for a used one and $117.51 for a new one is quite amazing.

So I guess I should mention that my 2009 Calendar is out now. I am signing and selling 250 copies through my website at the suggested retail price of $15.95 and about 100 of those are already gone. I think I'll put a few away for safe keeping, might need them for my retirement!

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timldn said...

Works of Art appreciate. That is why collectors collect them. I love mine because they are of beautiful men. So Thank You Michael for bringing beauty into our lives