Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jerk of the Day: Jeb Corliss

Parachute jumper Jeb Corliss who attempted to jump off the Empire State Building in April of 2006, has filed a law suit for $30 Million against the Empire State Building Company, accusing the building’s agents of defaming his character, unlawfully imprisoning him on the observation deck and causing him emotional distress and lost income. None of which would have occurred had he not engaged in an activity clearly not permitted, solely for his own personal gain.

Security members grabbed onto him after he scaled the fence designed to keep people from jumping from their property.

Mr. Corliss wore a disguise and concealed his parachute, and has vowed to now only jump off landmarks and buildings after obtaining permission. So he was well aware his actions were not permitted and that the fence and security personnel were in place, and likely to take any action, to prevent him from engaging in such a stunt. To sue and accuse the security guards of doing something 'wrong', when they were doing their job and he was doing something wrong makes Jeb Corliss just a big jerk.


Alex R said...

Live a little why don't ya. Jeb is a professional, has every qualification needed to perform this stunt safely, and didn't break a single law. The security guards endangered his life way beyond what the stunt itself would have. The $30 Million law suit is only a countersuit to the ESB's frivolous $12 Million lawsuit claiming lost revenue, etc. I hope Jeb wins or settles out of court.

Michael Breyette said...

It's not illegal to talk on a cell phone in a movie theater, but the management can throw you out, it's their venue and their rules. Same goes here. He bought a ticket up and in doing so is bound by the rules and actions of those who issued it to him. They were well in their rights to stop him. He knew it was not allowed and defied the guards who tried to stop him BEFORE he got over the fence. He put himself in that 'dangerous' situation.

The guards did not know he was qualified, or even if that was actually a parachute on his back because he didn't get permission or approval to use their property for this stunt.

I have no problem with him living a little, but don't be a baby and whine and sue because you didn't get permission and they stopped you. The guards, the lawsuit, were all factors he should have considered besides wind speed, traffic patterns and video taping it for YouTube.

If he had gotten off without a hitch then died, I'm sure his family would have sued the ESB anyway.

cmac said...

The guards endangered Jeb more by doing what they did. Jeb is a professional and has every right to sue.

Sashimi Mark said...

He has every right to sue because the guards were doing their job? What a typical fanboy response.

Bottom line is he should have asked permission. And he knows it, which is why he's agreed to only do these "stunts" after asking permission from here on out. His lawsuit is frivolous and makes him out to be a whiny baby for not getting his way.

Michael Breyette said...

The guards tried to stop him before he made it over the fence. He put himself in that position. He has no one to blame but himself. A REAL professional would have considered ALL possible hazards and situations, not just wind direction and traffic patterns but also the actions of security guards.

The big baby is suing because they did not have enough barricades to prevent him from doing what he did. WTF?
The ESB only needs to protect people from falling off or accidents. He chose to defy the safety precautions, which included the guards trying to pull him off the fence. Their safety precautions worked...he did not jump off.