Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Wretch is Gone - at least for a while

Yesterday, was the maternity farewell for two-faced Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC's "The View". I used to be a big fan of the show while Rosie O'Donnell was moderator, but stopped watching after she was betrayed by so-called friend, the brainwashed Bush-loving Hasselbeck.

I am a fan of Whoopi Goldberg, though not as outspoken as Rosie, and other newcomer Sherri Shepard who joined the panel this September. Now, that the Wretch is off to birth her idiot spawn, I finally will tune in to see Whoopi and Sherri in action.


living on the lake said...

Totally agree with you Michael. The ultra conservative right wing Survivor Star whose claim to fame is that and marrying a head banging ball player showed her true self, selfish, prima dona bitch who too many people felt sorry for because she was the only right winger on the show and so unrealistic about the real world.....finally drove the best thing to happen to the view away. Rosie brought the ratings way up, had sponsors left and right, had corporate donors giving to charities and the audience, etc. Now down go the ratiings. Whoopi is pretty cool and I hope she can handle it because she has lost it a couple of time with Miss Liz too. Time will tell but Rosie is not hurting and apparently is happy with her life. More power to her and Miss Liz I hope you fade away ass the republicans will with this next election.
Thanks for another chance to vent.

Michael Breyette said...

I never agreed with EH, but I did at times feel sorry for her. Not because she was the only right-winger on the panel but because she buys into the Bush reign of Terrorism, putting fear before freedom and still has trust in an administration that lied about the threat of Iraq to pre-emptively start a war. But, it was when she showed her true colors and betrayed her so called friend, then lied claiming she talked with Rosie after the incident, that I could not watch her anymore.

pearpenguin said...


Maybe your haven't been watching Sherri Shepard but she is extremely Christian and conservative. When asked by Whoppi if she believed the world is flat she backed out of answering the question.
She is funny and a breath of fresh air but I think she one of those closet homophobes smart enough not to speak too freely in case something politically inncorrect slips out.


Michael Breyette said...

Though I don't share many of Sherri's views, she is fun and seems genuine. Her opinions whether I agree or whether they are not very 'enlightened' seem to at least be her own. Elisabeth comes off as just another right-wing republican mouthpiece.