Thursday, October 25, 2007

On The Drawing Board: Warming Light

To add to the cozy feel of my Christmas illustration, I wanted to put the cuddly couple near a fireplace. Without a lot of space to fit it in with the layout I have, I've left it out of view but am showing the glow coming from it on the left side of the picture.

I am almost done with the piece...perhaps today! Then it's time to get cards made.


Ron in MA said...

Hi Michael:
You capture the beauty of the male form, face and body par excellence! It amazes me that from sketch to definition of muscle anatomy to color and finally the beauty and sensuality of a man. It continues to amaze me. I see the sketch and think, well he is OK looking, but the finished work is amazing. You have created a man that captures the beauty and sexuality, along with perfect muscular definition and color. So uplifting, even in the Pensive and Morning After pieces you totally captured the feelings as if they are palpable, like you are in the same room and can feel the emotion going on. It takes a real talent to visualize the situation and then express it so that the viewer can actually feel what the subjects are feeling. You are blesed with a talent to capture and express emotions.....and BEAUTY! That is why it is going to be a challange to write a short story about the piece I choose as it is hard to find the right words to express that I can sense and feel but can't quite articulate. I will do my best though. Now the challenge is there are so many that I want to choose from. I am looking for one that is similar to a situation that is close to one I have been in and that way the expression will come easier. A better challenge would be to take an actual experience out of my story and use my creative skills to translate what the picture makes me feel into words.
An exciting challenge, I am down to about 5 works now and I think I can do a fairly good job expessing what I see in the piece. I like a challange, and also I am a Scorpio so I have the trait of transforming myself into a situation that is not necessarily mine. An exciting challenge! I have even told my therapist that your site has become part of my therapy as it stimulates my thought process and allows me to express my feelings on some of your log topics. You should bill my insurance!
Have a good day and thanks for the simulating distractions, which when I find myself thinking thoughts I want to eliminate I have a place to go and enter another world!
You are providing a multi purpose site which I hope to turn more people on to. What is the date of your birth, just month and day. I am Nov 5th and I think I read you are a Scorpio also, intriguing people!
Later Michael. That last piece is fantstic wih the glow from the fire place flames on those well defined pecs and torsos. You are all inclusive! Have I flatered you enough yet? lol
My best to you,

Michael Breyette said...

Hey Ron,

Well, there certainly is no need to limit yourself to just one story. I am certainly open to multiple entries for the 1000 Words Project. Look forward to reading them.

By the way my birthday is coming up fast as well, Nov. 4th. Happy Birthday to you.

Ron said...

Happy birthday to you too and I hope you have a great trip in Ireland. That is a great trait that Scorpios is the transformation ability and also the sexual energy which helps with the writing ;-)