Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Allies in Bigotry

Bob Jones

Bigot Bob Jones III, chancellor of the Christian fundamentalist school named for his family, is endorsing Mormon Republican Mitt Romney for president. The BJ (Bob Jones) University, up until losing federal funding in 2000, had a ban on interracial dating.

"We're proud to have Dr. Jones' support and look forward to working with him to communicate Governor Romney's message of conservative change to voters," Romney spokesman William Holley said in a statement.

Romney is just so proud of Jones, a man who contends that relationships between people from different races - which he has described as "genetic blending" - runs against the Biblical order. Mitt must just be beaming!!!

"As a Christian I am completely opposed to the doctrines of Mormonism," Jones told a newspaper. "But I'm not voting for a preacher. I'm voting for a president. It boils down to who can best represent conservative American beliefs, not religious beliefs."

Jones has referred to Catholicism as "the religion of the anti-Christ and a Satanic system" and called Mormonism and Catholicism "cults which call themselves Christian."

Apparently bigots can put aside their differences, come together in glorious union for the purpose of inequality and division. Granted, Romney, (currently) a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage, ran his Massachusetts Senate campaign touting his commitment to GLBT issues, is the King of Flip-Flop and really will say anything that he thinks will get him elected. Jones meanwhile apparently can push aside his belief that Romney is a member of a cult in order to support him for president.


timldn said...

Sadly Michael, bigots have a wonderful ability to find common ground. and simply ignore the things they say or believe to find an ally.

Bot said...

Mitt’s church, the Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) has been often misunderstood by Evangelical preachers in the past . . Some accused the Church of not believing in Christ and, therefore, not being a Christian religion . . helps to clarify such misconceptions by examining early (First Century) Christianity's theology relating to baptism, the Godhead, the deity of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. Mitt’s church believes in the Jesus of the New Testament, who prayed to his Father in Heaven in the Garden of Gethsemene, not the Jesus portrayed in the creeds of the 4th Century.

The Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) adheres to Early Christian (New Testament) theology more closely than other Christian denominations. . Perhaps the reason Evangelical preachers promoted this mis-representation was to protect their flock (and their livlihood). . It is encouraging to realize that having a moral president is now the Evangelical preachers’ main motivation.

Michael Breyette said...

Bot said - "It is encouraging to realize that having a moral president is now the Evangelical preachers’ main motivation."

I would hardly call Mit Romney a good choice for a 'moral' president. His ambitions trump is moral beliefs. He changes his tune with each office he seeks. He's a liar.

Anyone seeking the presidency in a country that touts religious freedom and equality has to put those principals ahead of his own personal religious beliefs.
Give me an intelligent compassionate president over one that dubs himself 'moral'.

Ron from MA said...

The comforting thing is that Mitchy doesn't stand a chance of becoming president. As the campaign draws closer there are going to be all kinds of ads from his rupublican opponents on all of his blunders, so many, as governor of MA. Also I feel confident in saying that it is definitely going to be a democratic president. This election, none of these candidates had a brother that is a governor of one of the largest states that just so happened to be the state of Florida and that being the state where the ballot malfunction occured and with a former Bush president who just happened to previously be the head of the CIA think about the story that was never written about that debacle that took place in Florida..missing ballots, hanging chads, military ballots that never quite appeared to be counted, it goes on and on. Maybe Al Gore could make that his next book when this Bush is long gone. Even conservative republicans are not blown away by any of their own parties candidates. Amazing that I could live long enough to see all that I have, when I was given 2 years to live in 1987 when diagnosed, the icing would be to see a female or black male as president. Not for show value but because I like what I hear from both of them. They have changed their tunes on a few issues but wording is everything and if it is gay marriage or civil union don't we want, bottom line, this right so we can share benefits, combine incomes to finanace homes, and have life making decisions just like the heteros do? I am clicking my heels. Encourage everyone you know to register early and to pay attention to the campaigns as it draws closer, right now it's a lot of bullsit as it is too early.
Thanks for the space to let me get that out! Romney is going to havee to find a job to rebuild his nest egg after he spends his millions on this campaign. You had mentioned you lived in MA Michael so you know first hand the damage he did to our state dring his term. Be well!