Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On The Drawing Board: The Holiday Rush

I had hoped to start on my Christmas piece a few weeks ago but fell behind with other projects and having a cold for a week, plus I wanted to squeeze in my Halloween illustration.
I racked my brain for an idea that I liked and have sketched and tweaked the layout. Here is a cropped section of the drawing. I hope all goes smoothly, as I'd like to offer it as a holiday card and for that to happen I need to get it to the printers in about 10 days.


Ron G. said...

Looks like a great beginning and it is also nice to have you share your creative process with your fans. I like it, I would love some cards with your beautiful work illustrating them but don't want to send too explicit materiaal to family. This would definitely be one that I would send to my parents. Keep up the good work. For my friends bring on the meat!!


I love artist that share their knowledge and the sensibility they have inside. You and your work are great!

Michael Breyette said...

Thanks Guys!