Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More silliness

It seems to me that all those Neo-con Republicans who want laws and amendments defining marriage as being between a man and woman actually need a law that defines homosexuality as sex between a man and another man, because they seem awfully confused.

First there was Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) caught performing various gestures associated with soliciting sex in a men's room (to be henceforth knows as 'craiging') but who denies he is gay, and now Representative Richard Curtis (R-Washington) who reported to police he was being blackmailed by a male prostitute he had sex with, also denies he is gay.

Hey guys, guess what? You're gay - deal with it.

It just re-enforces the old adage about homosexuality, "the louder the objection the stronger the erection". That's an old adage right?

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