Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weekly Poll

This weeks question is just self-indulgent. I am curious where most of you first 'discovered' me and my artwork. The poll is in the side bar.

The results of last weeks poll, "Personal Sex-Capades Part 2: I've had sex..." shows that a lot of you have engaged in anonymous sex. I don't know for sure, but that is probably 10 fold higher amongst gay men than straight men. If homosexuality was fully accepted by society, on par with heterosexuality, I wonder if that that would be different.

  1. with someone whose name I didn't know (63%)
  2. with 2 or more guys in one day (48%)
  3. almost always on the first date (29%)
  4. in public with people watching (27%)
  5. at an orgy (5 or more people) (23%)
  6. never (19%)
  7. with an escort (10%)
  8. for money (6%)
  9. for other personal gain (job, apt., better grade etc.) (6%)


cabot said...

I like the change in the blog. it looks different and fresher. Keep up the great work.
btw: my son liked the book of yours, so we're getting the '08 calendar for him for Yule.
have a great Autumn.


Michael Breyette said...

Hey Cabot, thanks I was getting tired of the orange and this is a bit more calming.

Hope he likes the calendar too!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit having lived in Fort Lauderdale for 11 years and Provincetown for 4 years that I have had casual sex with men that I would meet walking on the beach or hiking in the dunes and it was basically animalistic lust. We woud make eye contact and just go to a private spot and share, usually, a period of intense erotic passion and intimacy and usually afterwards walk out together introducing ourselves, or wordlessly smiling at each other andd parting our ways. Men from Germany, Amsterdam, France, Italy, and all over the U.S. Granted I was blessed (sometimes I wonder if it was a blessing) with good looks and took care of my body and health and people found me desirable I proven by , honestly, the several hundred encounters I had. I see your work and some of the passion and heat that speaks out from your creations reminds me of such moments that I experienced. Just to let you know I think we are basically all, heterosexual and homosexual, sexual creatures and have fantasies and desires but some groups or individuals apply restraints on them for fear of being judged by God or feelings of being less valuable because they share their passion and their bodies with others. Sex is a wonderful thing, safe sex can be as erotic and even hotter than non safe sex in my opinion because you know there is a line not to cross but you can still do so much that allows sensations of plesure and ecstacy. From one sexual creature who is now in a monogamous relationship. ps....I also believe there is a choice we each can make at some point to commit yourself emotionally and physically to a person; or being free and sharing your self without guilt or remorse. Enoug said! Love your work. Enjoy life men!

free spirit said...

Live your life as a free man, do not feel guilty for sharing your lust, love or primal self. The importance is to safely love one another even if it for a fleeting moment or a lifetime.