Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Poll Results / Latest Poll

Last weeks poll, and I apologize for not updating sooner, just been preoccupied with other stuff, my curiosity wanted to see how people would answer the question: Which way do you lean sexually? With hook up sites, dating services and the like usually wanting to categorize guys as either a top or a bottom, I am surprised that versatile is the top response and that 78% engage in giving and recieving.

  1. versatile - I like both (36%)
  2. mostly bottom-occasional top (28%)
  3. mostly top-occasional bottom (14%)
  4. a total top (7%)
  5. neither - only like oral (5%)
  6. neither - no interest at all (5%)
  7. a total bottom (3%)
The new poll is a pretty basic one, given the choice which flavor do you choose, vanilla or chocolate? Vote in the sidebar!

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