Thursday, September 06, 2007

Salvation by Penetration?

No, this isn't the latest gay erotic comic book from Bruno Gmünder.

I stumbled upon this website of a so-called pastor/musician who's goal seems to be to save youth from "homo-rock" bands. Here are just a few of dozens on his list Erasure, John Mayer, The Rolling Stones, Wilson Philips, Lou Reed, Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, Britney Spears (with the explanation that she kissed Madonna - who is also on the list), Ted Nugent (because he wears a loincloth) etc.

Now I won't mention his name or that of his band (he certainly should not receive any publicity) but the above poster appears to have been made when his band performed at the same event as one of the acts on his list. Here the 'pastor' represented by the lipsticked dress wearing 'angel' is taking on his opponent, the 'evil gay band' devil with some fierce up-the-butt actcion 'til he finds salvation.

That is undoubtedly the most homo-erotic concert poster I have ever seen; using phrases like 'cock-block' and 'stroke the power'. WTF!!!

Apparently un-Christian-like fundamentalist have gotten so extreme they are using gay-sex imagery in their attempts to convert homosexuals. Seems a little too 'into' his cause don't ya think?

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thom53212 said...

My gut instinct is that this guy is not real at all - come on he lists Cyndi Lauper as safe music for anti-gays!

There is a lot of debate on the internet about whether he is an unsuccessful satirist for or againest gays. One thing is for sure - either way he isn't funny.

Wikpedia may have the best take on it claiming "Gay rights organizations such as Heartstrong are addressing this as a serious threat to the gay community. The reasoning is that whether or not it is a humorous spoof, the message behind it is still malicious and being disseminated without control and in the end accomplishes what it intended through humor"