Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Poll & Poll Results

Since I have had my art website for about 7 years now, and it's been my primary venue for displaying and selling my work I am happy to know that it's worth the effort that goes into it. I know these polls aren't scientifically accurate but am still a little surprised that no one answered that they became of aware of me first from "Summer Moved On".
  1. Stumbled upon your website one day. (40%)
  2. Saw your work displayed somewhere. (21%)
  3. From another book or a magazine. (15%)
  4. Saw your work on Ebay. (10%)
  5. Through a friend. (7%)
  6. Not until this moment. Who are you? (5%)
  7. From your book, "Summer Moved On" (0%)
Next week poll is back to sex with Personal Sex-Capades Part 3. So what is your preferred sexual role? The question is in the side bar!

1 comment:

Shaney said...

I am not quite sure how I came across your website...I am guessing someone was showcasing your talent & I happened to agree so had to look more closely...*winks*